Just played with the driver. Smashed it! Shot 70. Will be in play for the MET Open Qualifier!
— Tommy M. a PGA Pro (after he took delivery of his first painted club.)

“Most golfers don't know what their drivers weigh, but the average driver out on tour probably weighs about 330 grams and the average driver on the market probably weighs 310-315.

Painting your driver will add somewhere between 4 to 5 grams of weight. Not enough to worry about...”


About Me

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I have been painting large scale murals for twenty-five years and have decided to lend my talents to a smaller scale. Golf has been a passion of mine since my father took me out on the range as a child. We’ve bonded through the sport and I’ve grown to love Golf as much as my art. Which is why I am especially excited to merge my two passions with yours and create your new Painted Golf Club.

View a full portfolio of my work here.